Baby in Backseat (“B.I.B.S.”) is a precautionary measure to create awareness about the lives lost in automobiles in the US. In 2020, the average number of children who have died in hot cars has been 36. This endemic occurs at the hands of busy caregivers and parents who may be traveling, are multitasking, have little help and other reasons synonymous with the busy lives of caregiving.

Baby in back seat

As parents, our very desire to be the best parents to our children takes into consideration the momentary memory lapses while on the go. In response to this, and to help many other families in the United States, we created a B.I.B.S. tag. It functions as a notification system in the physical and digital realm of our attention.

We created an affordable product that we see ourselves using for our children in our everyday lives. We intend for our product to serve as a reminder, knowing that nothing is more reliable than always checking the back seat before leaving a car. We want to use this platform to bring news awareness, gadgets and stories to inform a community of loving parents to always remember their baby in the back seat. 

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Meet the Baby in Backseat Team

Jasdeep Mann

Director of Development

Jasdeep is passionate about community service and supporting youth causes. As the Director of Development for B.I.B.S., Jasdeep uses his background in entrepreneurship to support the non-profit with marketing and digital strategy.

Paul Sidhu

Founder & President

Paul is a Father of three beautiful kids. He founded B.I.B.S. with the aspiration to support the lives of kids across the world, beginning with automobile safety. Paul is responsible to the Finance and Administrative processes of the non-profit.

Anu Sidhu


Anu’s passion for impacting children’s safety starts with her own kids. As a busy mom, Anu supports B.I.B.S. as a pro-bono volunteer for establishing the non-profits direction and goals as it relates to child safety in automobiles.

Austin Eggleston

Director of Marketing

Austin is a passionate advocate for saving lives & helping non-profits achieve success. Austin assists B.I.B.S. with digital marketing, fundraising strategy, and administrative duties.